The following policies have been compiled for the benefit of all residents of Jackson's View who have access to the Country Club, ensuring that there is fair, safe and enjoyable use of the facilites by one and all.

When policies are update by the Jackson's View Owners Corporation Committee, they will be published here at first opportunity.

By clicking on the policy description name, it will open as a PDF

3rd Feb 2012 Registered Rules (Jackson's View Owners Corporation)
14th Nov 2017 General Rules (Jackson's View Country Club - JVCC)
3rd Oct 2016 Alcohol Policy (JVCC)
14th Nov 2017 Use of Wet Areas (JVCC)
2nd Sep 2017 Use of Gymnasium (JVCC)
14th Nov 2016 Social Group Policy (JVCC)
3rd Oct 2016 Guest Policy (JVCC)
3rd Oct 2016 Chaperone Policy (JVCC)
10th Oct 2017 Entry Tag Policy (JVCC)
5th Dec 2017 Use of Function Room (JVCC)

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